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Can you overdo the tea?


Not only are the English fans tea. When time cools down, it becomes a more used drink and coffee. This drink seems at first sight to be quite harmless, but it is not really that way. A recent study shows that regular intake of tea reduces the risk of heart disease by up to 11%. But do you know that excessive consumption of a hot drink poses a risk to your health:

Drinking caffeine

Both green and black tea contain 40 mg of caffeine per cup, says Barun University. Excessive tea consumption can cause caffeine dependence that will hinder your concentration, make you irritable, nervous and disturbed.

Reduces the absorption of iron

Tannins, a chemical compound in tea, inhibit the absorption of iron if they are in excess, experts say at the State University of Colorado. According to their studies, the ability of the body to absorb iron decreases by up to 60%. For vegetarians who consume very little iron, overuse of tea may increase the risk of developing iron deficiency.

It interferes with the action of some drugs

Tea can disrupt the effects of some medicines if consumed in large quantities. If you are a big fan of tea and you are taking a variety of medications, talk to your doctor if you can drink tea. However, the effectiveness of some antibiotics may increase, according to a study conducted at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland.

Tea may also reduce the efficacy of some medicines such as MAO, chemotherapy, oral contraceptives and clozapine.

How much tea is too much?

The point here is not clear. While some claim that 2 cups a day are the maximum, others think that the norm can reach up to 10 cups. Still, to insure, do not bring them up to 10, but stop at 3-4.

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