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people who lost so much weight


It is said that losing weight is simple, but when a person is overweight, it is a struggle that requires a lot of willpower, discipline, and perseverance. Getting started is the most difficult, but once it is done, you have to be confident; Seeing the results in the body, everything becomes a simple routine.

With a lot of effort, these people demonstrated that they could reach an ideal weight and, even, after achieving it, they become another person, unrecognizable even for their family and friends. They can be your inspiration for you to leave a sedentary life and start having a healthier one.

15. Progress shows in his eyes

I lost 93 kilos, and finally, my eyes shone.

14. The first step is to make the decision; the rest comes with hard work

I went from 145 kilos to 104 in three years. I turned everything into muscle.

13. Her commitment was for a healthier life

I have lost more than 40 kilos, committing to continue with my healthy choices.

12. She just had to shape her body a little because she has an unusual figure

I started changing my lifestyle five years ago. It took more than one to lose 35 kilos.

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