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Top 17 Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should “Stop” Making


We all wish our #dogs could live forever, don’t we?Sadly, that’s not a realistic wish.

The fact is, #dogs are dying younger than they used to. They’re getting more cancers and other chronic diseases than ever before.

Do you wonder why that’s happening?Well … there are a few mistakes dog owners make … that may be harming their #dogs .

If you do these things, I know it’s with the best intentions. The’re often things your veterinarian recommends!

But you might be able to make some changes. They’ll improve your dog’s chances of a longer, healthier life.

So … let’s get into 17 ways you can help him stick around as long as possible.

Top 17 Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should “Stop” Making

17.Going off Cute.

if you ask someone why they chose their new dog, 9 times out 10, they will say something about the way it looks. However, dogs are not just cute faces, they have personality traits and exercise needs that typically go along with their breed, and a smart dog owner chooses their dog based on these factors, not looks.

For example, a busy businessperson who lives in a New York high rise, is only home a few hours, and does not like to go for walks or runs should not own a Siberian Husky, a breed that needs to run miles a day. Choose wisely, and you will already be on the road to success before you even bring your dog home. If this is your first dog.

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